A-V Communications

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

Arthur C. Clarke

A-V Communications

Technology tamed

For too long use of technology has been a challenge, based on a series of loosely connected systems.  Finally the world of telecoms and IP is merging with significant user-interface benefits.

A great example is video communication.  It is true that video conferencing hardware is more resilient than ever to bandwidth fluctuations (see Video Conferencing), but issues remain with the network connection - both iSDN and public web. Now there is a secure IP Managed Video Managed Service which makes video communication as simple and reliable as a phone call. So people and organisations can adopt video communication with confidence, knowing at last the promised cost efficiencies will be realised.

And AvST's CX-E (formerly CallXpress) most interoperable unified communications system, and OpenText's RightFax systems, delivers functionality and integration undreamed of a few years ago.  Through strategic collaboration with the providers, we can deliver highly tuned integration of applications and disparate telecom PBX systems.

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