Unified Communications

AvST's CX-E Unified Communications

Simply the most interoperable UC system

CX-E's unsurpassed interoperability leverages maximum return from existing investment and saves implementation costs because we can genuinely integrate mixed telecoms, email and IT systems environments.
  • Telecoms: all leading PBX systems are supported, TDM or IP; and 10 different PBX systems on a single CX-E platform
  • Distributed architecture to support multiple sites
  • Email: uniquely we can integrate into virtually any email environment e.g. MS Exchange, LotusNotes, Groupwise and any IMAP email system
  • Best in class user adoption is assured because legacy user interfaces can be retained for simplicity and ease of adoption
  • ATOM hands-free voice command functionality
  • Users can gain all the benefits of presence-based unified messaging functionality with advanced call processing, voicemail, unified messaging, interactive voice response & fax management, personal assistant, speech and notification capabilities.

All via a single, centralised system which can be expanded as and when required, using the modular licence structure

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