Video Conferencing Systems by VP Bastion

Video Conferencing Systems

Video Communication has Come of Age.

For years the use of video conferencing has promised many significant benefits from simple cost of avoidance of travel costs to maximising management time/productivity.

Video conferencing hardware and software is now very robust delivering both feature rich experiences through telepresence solutions and methods to respond to fluctuations in network bandwidth - the primary cause of many of the connection/reliability issues.

We can advise you on the selection of the video conferencing solutions to meet your specific HD video conferencing requirements, through LifeSize, Polycom, Microsoft Lync etc.; including free soft clients such as Cisco Jabber.  We also supply monitors and visualisers to display the video communication, presentations and evidential materials.

More importantly our VMNS secure video-IP service ensures that your users will have sufficient confidence in the reliability of the connection, as well as the high quality experience, to rely on video communication and, therefore, realise the promised productivity savings.

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