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Video Managed Network Services VMNS

Make a Call. It is that simple.

Our Video Managed Network Services not only facilitate secure point to point video conferencing, but can also provide multi seat, secure meeting rooms, to enable video collaboration everywhere you go, no matter what device you find yourself using

We can provide this assurance through the deployment of secure "VMNS" IP network service.  We deliver four essential attributes:

  • Simple, intuitive use: as easy as making a phone call or sending an email
  • Reliability throughout the call: our managed MPLS network delivers reliability and quality that public web and iSDN networks cannot
  • IT Security assurance: ISO27001 accredited, whether via SIP, H.323 or iSDN
  • Hardware agnostic: connection can be made to any enabled video end point

Over 3 years, the cost is less than 33% of a traditional iSDN network and you get the performance assurance you need.

It is not too good to be true.  It is something you should have a right to expect - reliable video communication.

Call our helpful advice line today at 01264 723400 to understand how we can deliver it and to register for a free trial.