Access Control & CCTV

Access Control & CCTV

Practical Security Solutions, implemented

The choice of electronic security measures is vast, as are the range of prices.  But all security systems should comply with these simple rules:

  • Deter:
    First step is to discourage miscreants from trying, by making the security measures obvious.
  • Control:
    Only offer access to vetted persons, whether through a network RFID access control, or via audio or AV door phone/intercom communication
  • Prevent:
    Design the electronic and physical security to make it as difficult as appropriate to circumnavigate the measures
  • Monitor:
    As with any system, "compliancy" should be monitored, whether visually i.e. CCTV or via the access control logs
  • Record:
    The final stage is to record especially CCTV footage (to an evidential standard) to facilitate successful prosecution.

We specify, install and support systems (using our own security cleared staff) that meet these rules and the level of sophistication you require.

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