Access Control: RFID or Stand-alone

Access Control: RFID or Stand-alone

Our duty of care: to protect

We recognise that this is a responsibility we share with you when we recommend solutions that are designed to protect your people and your property - by only granting authorised access to those people you want to enter.

There are two fundamental solutions:

  • Pre-vetted Entry:
    People can gain access without request, by using a key or entering a password, or using a RFID fob or card. When multiple persons are using the system, we recommend a RFID system as the system can be best controlled (avoiding lost keys or preventing ex-staff from gaining entry)


  • Access on Request: Visitor Communication
    Intercoms or door entry phones provide remote ability for visitors to be vetted prior to entry being granted; especially with video presentation; thereby avoiding the need for a security guard or receptionist to control access.

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