PA, Sound Reinforcement & Assistive Hearing

The right to be heard does not automatically include the right to be taken seriously.

Hubert H Humphrey

PA, Sound Reinforcement & Assistive Hearing

Let them hear

In many situations there is a legal obligation to ensure that people hear the message: such as evacuation notices and the provision of assistive hearing. But there is also an obligation to communicate with sufficient clarity to ensure that messages can be understood by the audience.

There are three main areas of "amplification" that we deliver:

  • Assistive Hearing to aid persons with hearing impairments. There are two types "Induction loops" suitable for general broadcasting and "Infra-red" which can be restricted to a particular area
  • Public Address (PA) or "Tannoy" systems, which are increasingly being combined with evacuation systems as PAVA systems
  • Sound Reinforcement where the audio needs enhancing in a particular area

So if it is worth saying ...let them hear it. We have the technological know-how.

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