Evidential Recording: Court & PACE compliant evidential interview recorders by VP Bastion

...it is critical that the method of making the record embody the fundamentals for its creation, production and preservation: effectiveness, reliability, accuracy and timeliness. Digital recording meets this goal.

Conference of State Administrators (USA, 2009)

Evidential Recording: Court & PACE Recorders

Make it Official

What is evidential recording? Unlike dictation recordings, evidential recordings are specifically designed not to be edited and erased and that the master recording can be proven to be the "original" i.e. untampered. 

This attribute is obviously essential for legal and law enforcement purposes, but also other areas such as HR interviews and interviews that could result into a legal challenge or prosecution. Often transcripts or minutes can be produced, but the evidential digital record can be used to provide the official record.

There are two basic types:

  • Court Digital Recorders: predominantly audio with a choice of 2, 4 or 8 separate channels, with an option for video recording.  A court recording system has a sophisticated electronic logging facility to time stamp notes and linked to the audio to aid subsequent review.
  • PACE-compliant Recorders: 2 channel audio only or audio-video recorders that produce CD copies of the recording at the end of the interview to Police and Criminal Evidence act "PACE" standards.

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