Commitment to Environmental Protection

Commitment to Environmental Protection

We fully recognise that we have a Corporate Social Responsibility to all our stakeholders, and helping to protect our increasingly fragile environment must be one of our corporate priorities as part of this commitment.

Based on a detailed audit of our environmental impact, we have taken actions in the following respects:

  1. Actively promote responsible disposal and recycling of Electrical and Electronic Equipment (EEE) and batteries in accordance all prevailing legislation.
    It is important that we all recognise that uncontrolled disposal of EEE and batteries represents a significant hazard to health - to us all.  Some batteries and EEE contain chemicals like lead, mercury or cadmium. If batteries are disposed of in your normal waste bin, they are likely to end up in landfill; where they start to break down, and can leak some of these chemicals into the ground. This can cause soil and water pollution.

    As part of a sometimes long supply chain, it is not normally environmentally beneficial to return the EEE and batteries (that we have supplied) to our premises for controlled and accredited disposal by ourselves.

    Therefore we provide instructions and labelling to encourage disposal and recycling at local amenities when the products reach end of life.  We recommend that this web-site is used to identify such facilities:
  2. 20150113114440-fsc.pngEncourage the use of sustainable wood by promoting FSC accredited supply.
    Our Joinery division encourages our customers to specify FSC accredited wood, in order to increase the use of sustainable wood and thereby encourage expansion of sustainable forests and stop uncontrolled deforestation of natural habitats.
  3. Minimise our own "internal" impact with a view to achieve carbon neutrality.
    We have radically increased the use of public transport for business travel and we are constantly investing in new lighting and heating to save energy.  We segregate our waste and recycle what is permissible.

My colleagues and I are genuinely committed to minimising both our corporate and personal impact on the environment; we constantly review how we can decrease our impact and we welcome any constructive suggestions from any of stakeholders to improve further.

Iain Steele, MD, VP Bastion