VP Bastion physical security products and installation services

Worked tirelessly to get the testing and designs over the line and deliver on time.

Director, Overbury

Physical Security

A mission to protect people and assets

Duty of care is a "must have" in many vital yet potentially vulnerable situations, providing bullet and manual attack protection. Our solutions are informed by this sense of responsibility.

Our design ethos and expertise fuses fundamental design elements to create a holistic and integrated approach to security:

  • Function: protection must be delivered
  • Form: aesthetics and styling must be empathetic and desirable
  • Perception: a sense of security must be delivered

In addition to our physical security products, we can provide the electronic CCTV surveillance and access control to meet the most demanding requirements including forced entry under duress: see Access Control & CCTV.

Whatever your security challenge we can provide the answer.  We handle all such projects with utmost discretion, via our security cleared staff.

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