Bullet resistant and anti-ricohet walls, doors & screens, armoury discharge bays and tubes, issuing bays, weapons and ammunition storage

Meets all our requirements for safety, staff protection and beyond.

Senior Security Advisor for Metropolitan Police


Real Gun Control

We provide a turnkey solution for armouries which includes:

  • Complete anti-ballistic lining of a room to mitigate anti-ricochet in the case of an Accidental Discharge
  • Weapons and ammunition issuing bays, with sliding transfer tray or stand-alone discharge bays
  • High security doors and transparent armour screens
  • Gun racks
  • Weapons/ Firearms and Ammunition storage
  • Weapon/ Firearm discharge tubes
  • CCTV surveillance and access control, capable of integrating with other security systems

Our service begins with a survey of the planned facility, from which we then produce detailed design/layout drawings for client approval.

Anti-ballistic materials are combined in our manufacturing process to provide a durable and, most importantly, a safe facility for the repetitive handling, loading and unloading of firearms.

We can provide all levels of bullet resistance from FB1 to FB7.

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