Court Secure Docks for courtrooms by VP Bastion

Your team did a great job. The dock looked like it had always been there.

Senior Asset Manager, HMCTS

Court Secure Docks

An open and shut "case"

Our Secure docks are designed to protect all participants in the courtroom from attack and ensure that the person(s) within the dock can see and hear all the proceedings.

Our designs are fully compliant with HMCTS Court Design Guide.

The special laminated glass can withstand a physical attack. The slatted design creates a sense of openness and allows ventilation and passing of documents.

The timber 'base' and header are designed to blend into the courtroom, whether heritage and modern environments.  We have extensive experience in delivering furniture in Grade 1 and Grade 2 listed buildings.

Sound reinforcement (microphones and speakers), affray alarms and officer intercom support can be integrated into the frame of the dock, if specified at design stage.

Installations are generally carried out over a weekend so there is no disruption to court proceedings.

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