High security and bullet resistant doors and windows by VP Bastion - UK

The new doors are fully compliant with English Heritage and provide the high level of security for our clients.

Project Manager, Home Housing

High Security Doors & Windows

"Samurai" Design Ethos

Our skill is to deliver physical and armoured protection within an empathetic design to deliver the required safety and great aesthetics.

Our extensive expertise in this highly specialist area delivers physical and  anti-ballistic protection using a variety of materials to suit weight/cost considerations whilst concealing the armour inside what are often very prestigious interior features, frequently front-of-house.

Our bespoke doorsets range from replica doorsets for listed and Heritage sites to contemporary designs for exclusive commercial projects.

Specifications range from low security to anti-ballistic. We also welcome enquiries for bespoke or unusual size doorsets.

High security doors include high security locking mechanisms with the highest quality fixings and bolts used throughout.

Our range of doorsets include:

  • Burglary or manual attack doors
  • Bullet resistant doors
  • High Security doors
  • High Security Heritage doors for listed sites
  • Anti-ballistic interlocked lobby doors
  • Cash-office doors providing secure transaction facilities

We can also supply bespoke access control and surveillance solutions to prevent and/or detect forced or accompanied entry under duress.

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